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Online 1 hr personal styling session

Online 1 hr personal styling session

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Experience unparalleled expertise in personal styling with my online services conducted seamlessly over FaceTime. After placing your order I will be in touch to agree on the time and date of your session.

Receive expert advice on ways to elevate your go-to pieces and utilise your existing wardrobe to its fullest potential. Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping and hello to a refreshed and refined personal style.  I bring expertise in crafting unique outfits will bring joy and ease to your day to day dressing. Essentially, it feels as if you just went shopping, albeit, in your own wardrobe. Let’s just call it the ultimate refresh.

Beyond style, Nicci has cultivated a brand synonymous with sustainability and joy. This isn't just about looking good; it's about making conscious choices. Post-session, expect a document summarising key insights and including notes on the key wardrobe additions discussed during your session.


This is your time and the hour can be used to go over anything you want, however to get the most out of your time I suggest but I suggest spending a little time beforehand to have a little wardrobe cleanse, or pull out a set of pieces you want to focus on so we can maximise the time most effectively.  

-Have questions or specific "How" pieces ready

-Capture photos of the outfits we discuss during the session. You can either try them on as we go or lay them out and take photos. Some clients prefer using a laptop to keep their phone free for photos.

-You can of course take notes or record the session!

*NO CANCELLATIONS but you can reschedule within 28 days