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Cate triple baroque pearl necklace PRE-ORDER

Cate triple baroque pearl necklace PRE-ORDER

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Please note this is a pre-order and will arrive approximately 2 weeks after ordering.

Cate is our exquisite baroque pearl necklace. The striking pearls hangs on a luxurious waxed cotton cord, adjustable in length and adorned with two smaller freshwater pearls at the end.

Baroque pearls are irregularly-shaped, unique gemstones that have become increasingly popular in modern jewellery. Their dazzling lustre and one-of-a-kind shapes make them a truly elegant addition to any jewellery collection. Our necklace features a stunning trio of cultured freshwater baroque pearls, known for their mesmerising rainbow-like shine.

Comes in a gift box and SECOND STORIES with a branded travel pouch.


To effectively clean baroque pearls, simply use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any excess oil or dirt after each wear. This will help maintain their natural luster and shine. Additionally, it is important to wait until your perfume has completely dried before wearing the pearls, as their alkaline nature can react with the acid in perfume and cause damage. Taking these precautions will ensure your pearls look their best for longer.  

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