STYLE STORIES with Trishna Goklani

Ahead of the launch of our our next Edit launch, I caught up with our collaborator and girl crush Trishna Goklani on her style influences, and her inspiration behind the direction of the Edit, as well as some handy styling tips for her favourite pieces. 

The Edit focuses around four main product groups, and is based on classic items Trishna wears day in and out, within each product type there will be a number of items available catering to different sizes and looks, but each group is fairly limited in number so get in there quickly. 


How would you describe your personal style? 

I think my style is very much a reflection of my mood. I love looking refined and polish but still chic. I love having the perfect balance of looking luxe but also being very comfortable. That's another thing that I value too, comfort is key


What is it about vintage clothing that is special to you? 

Growing up, I would spend many weekends spent thrifting as part of an exploration of my style and identity. I'm from Singapore, where vintage clothing is far and few in between, and so I took every opportunity to go to vintage markets to see the best find. Some of my pieces that I wore to death have been picked up during thrifting so it's really special to me.


Also, I think vintage clothing are made really well and so when you invest in it, it stands the test of time. Most "vintage" looking current clothing that's produced today don't come close to actual vintage garments. Also, there's this novelty of saying "it's vintage" when someone compliments an outfit, isn't it? It just seems like, you took loads of time and effort to find that perfect pieces that's almost one of a kind. 


What was it that excited you most about this collaboration?

I've been following Second Stories for a long time now and I've always wanted to collaborate with a brand to produce an edit or a collection but there's a lot of issues about sustainability that are conflicting, so a vintage collection is the perfect middle point for me. It also doesn't hurt that SS has some incredible pieces and Nicci, the founder, has such a great eye when it comes to sourcing. There's a lot of effort that goes behind the scenes that go unseen



How did you choose the pieces that you wanted to focus on for the collection?

I had a look at my own wardrobe and realised that some of my most cherished vintage pieces are ones that I wear all the time.  In the same way, I wanted to curate a set of wardrobe essentials. One that's not trendy and still relevant in many years time. So for this collection, I wanted to include oversized shirts, vintage coats, buttoned knits and of course, leather!



What are your top styling tips for any of the items in the edit? 

Make oversized shirts your best friend! They're so perfect for every season. I love blue striped shirts in particular and I think it's such a nice perk me up for spring. Pair with a chunky jumper for a layered look!



What is your favourite piece in the edit? 

The leather blazer is definitely a highlight for me. Like I mentioned previously, vintage clothing are usually made with good quality fabrics and leather, especially, can look too *perfect* and shiny when it's bought on the high street. This one has the perfect balance of wear and tear, it gives it character! 


Who are your biggest style influences? 

I LOVE the Olsen twins. They are the embodiment of effortless.


If you could borrow anyone's wardrobe for a day (past or present) who’s would it be?

Again, I'd love to live in the Olsen Twins' wardrobe and steal all their oversized shirts, structured coats and jumpers. 




What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe?

I bought a beautiful vintage trench coat from a vintage boutique in Italy and I get compliments on it all the time! Also, every piece I've thrifted holds a different memory to me. I got a gorgeous oversized leather jacket the first year I moved to London and it was my first legitimate vintage purchase.


 The SECOND STORIES X Trishna Goklani Edit goes live at 8 pm (gmt), Sunday 7th Feb.



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